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  • KBC15: Stylist Priya Patil reveals the badlaav in Big B’s wardrobe

    While the knowledge-based reality show will see some 'badlaav' with new elements being added, Priya too will style Big B with the evolving fashion trends. Though actor Amitabh Bachchan is known for his interesting hosting style in Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), his dressing sense also grabs him a spotlight. Who can forget him in three-piece suits, bowties and stylish scarves? It is stylist Priya Patil, who should be credited for making the actor look dapper on screen. Patil has now revealed that since there are a few changes introduced in the upcoming season, the show host's wardrobe too has been given a makeover. Big B will be seen donning a new style statement. "For the 15th season of Kaun Banega Crorepati, my mood board included the brief of keeping the look ‘new’ and ‘fresh.’ Keeping the classic look intact, we have gone a step ahead and added newer elements to it. Sir will be seen in classic three-piece suits, Bandhgalas and Jodhpuris, but I am introducing a 'Colour Play' which will be a contrasting combination of colours," she shares. The actor will also be seen flaunting new styles, patterns and trends. Talking about some of the interesting changes, Patil says, "To elaborate, the waistcoats will have colour patterns like wine against navy, black and white, powder blue and navy, pinstripes with plains, checks with plains, and more. When it comes to his shirts, I’ve introduced small but evident features which include contrast piping with the collars, different broaches that stand out, and lapel pins that accentuate and complete the overall look. On the classic Jodhpuris, we have added a special drape like a shawl, and completing the look will be a broach holding it together.” Talking about her experience of styling Big B for KBC she shares, "Sir (Amitabh Bachchan) is a legend and I have learnt a lot by watching him over the years. His dedication, professionalism, and his attention to detail are what I have absorbed from him, and it reflects in all of his attires. I always tell everybody that Sir does not need a stylist, he is a style icon in himself. Clothes don't make the man; the man makes the clothes; I have always believed that. Whatever he wears, he makes it a trend and he has always been an inspiration to all generations." Kaun Banega Crorepati - Season 15 will start from August 14, every Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Sony Entertainment Television.

  • Vintage trends to deck up your home

    As interior design trends continue to evolve, some vintage styles remain. The following are the seven vintage trends that Janavi Javeri, Interior Stylist and Founder, Walls and Things, shares to help you create modern spaces. Every year, interior design trends change. But some timeless trends last forever. Janavi Javeri, Founder and Interior Stylist, Walls and Things, brings seven vintage home trends that will help you add a touch of nostalgia and sophistication into your homes. Mid-century modern magic Popularised during the mid-20th century, this style is characterised by clean lines, organic shapes and minimalist forms and effortlessly blends functionality with elegance. The mid-century modern furniture, such as the iconic Eames chairs or a sleek teak sideboard, can be incorporated into modern spaces, adding a touch of retro chic and enduring appeal. Victorian grandeur The Victorian era was all about an opulent and ornate style that exudes a sense of grandeur and sophistication. Elements, such as, elaborate chandeliers, intricately patterned wallpaper, and richly upholstered furniture can be thoughtfully integrated into contemporary interiors. You can achieve a captivating look by combining Victorian touches with modern aesthetics. Timeless terrazzo Originally a cost-effective flooring option in Italy, terrazzo has made a comeback in recent years. The versatility of this composite material, which combines chips of marble, quartz and glass in a cement binder along with its vibrant colours and speckled patterns, makes it a beautiful addition to homes. Classic farmhouse allure Farmhouse style harks back to the simplicity and rustic charm of rural life. The enduring appeal of exposed wooden beams, vintage farmhouse sinks and shiplap walls aims for a cozy and welcoming ambiance of farmhouse aesthetics. Art Deco elegance The lavish and luxurious Art Deco movement of the 1920s and 1930s still influences contemporary interior design. The use of geometric shapes, mirrored surfaces and metallic accents can infuse a sense of timeless elegance into modern spaces. Art Deco remains a beloved choice for those seeking to add a touch of glamour and extravagance to their homes. Charming pastels Pastel hues, reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s, have stood the test of time in interior design. Soft pinks, mint greens and baby blues can help add a fresh and calming ambiance. Pastels continue to be a popular choice and can be applied as wall colours and furnishings, as well as decor accents. Eclectic mix and match Drawing inspiration from various vintage eras and design styles, the eclectic mix and match trend help showcase your personality and preferences. The art of blending different vintage elements, textures and patterns to create a cohesive and visually-striking space reflects individuality and a love for timeless design.

  • Mastaney trailer launched; film eyes Aug25 release

    Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi released the trailer of 'Mastaney' in Delhi. The film will release on August 25. The much-awaited trailer of the upcoming Punjabi movie 'Mastaney' was released in theaters recently, leaving the audience in awe. Punjabi singer Daler Mehndi was present at one such launch event in Delhi to unveil the trailer. Speaking on the film, the Punjabi singer said, "The film showcases real Punjab that has not yet been shown in movies. I would like to congratulate the entire team of Mastaney and the film's director, Sharan Art for their attempt to bring the real story of Punjab to audiences through this film." The film features a stellar cast, including Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol, Rahul Dev, Honey Mattu and Baninder Bunny, among others. The trailer offers a glimpse of the grandeur with breathtaking visuals, soul-stirring dialogues, and yesteryear's vibe. The trailer's launch has taken audiences' excitement to another level. Produced by Manpreet Johal, Aashu Munish Sahni and Karamjit Singh Johal, the film is written and directed by Sharan Art. Sharing their excitement for this film, the producers, said, "We are thrilled to bring Mastaney to the audience. It has been a labor of love, and we are confident that the film will entertain and enthral everyone who watches it." When asked what the idea of making the film was, Art revealed, "Mastaney is more than just a film; it's a mission to bring our rich history to the forefront and instil a sense of pride in our heritage. We are confident that the trailer has piqued everyone's interest, and the film will be embraced wholeheartedly by the audience." Presented by Vehli Janta Films and Omjee’s Cine World, Mastaney will release on August 25.

  • Sources Unlimited unveils Karl Lagerfeld-inspired collection

    The collection draws inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld's iconic style, embodying the essence of his instantly recognisable and distinguished persona. Ever wondered what happens when a designer becomes a design? It sells like hotcakes. Sources Unlimited known for introducing high-end international furniture, accessories and lighting solutions in the Indian market, has unveiled a similar collection inspired by German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. The collection, titled Karl Lagerfeld by Bosa, celebrates Lagerfeld with limited-edition, handmade pieces meticulously crafted from ceramics and are adorned with 24 karat gold and platinum paints. The collection features two unique sculptures. Both draw inspiration from Karl Lagerfeld's iconic style, embodying the essence of his instantly recognisable and distinguished persona. The first sculpture 'Pop Karl' is an imaginative creation by Elena Salmistraro. Salmistraro's creation is a playful representation encapsulates Karl's wit and irony. It includes a vibrant colour palette with masterful use of texture. The second sculpture 'Rock Karl' is designed by Nika Zupanc. It captures Lagerfeld's iconic style with a monochromatic theme, showcasing a black suit, white shirt and dark sunglasses. This sculpture features pops of colour, added to the dentelle collar and brushed gold details to the fingerless gloves. Standing at a height of 41 cm and a width of 18 cm, these sculptures offer a remarkable testament to the indelible legacy of Karl Lagerfeld. Sources Unlimited works closely with leading architects, interior designers and stylists to furnish residential and commercial interiors. Since its inception in 2005, it has curated exceptional products and delivered designs of the highest calibre.

  • Dushyant Kapoor drops teaser of 'Love on the Mars'

    The sci-fi love story promises to be a visual spectacle that will touch hearts and ignite imaginations, as it explores the depths of love and devotion amidst the vastness of space. Actor, director and producer Dushyant Kapoor, who is known for sci-fi movies, has launched the captivating teaser of his upcoming cinematic masterpiece, Love on the Mars. The film is a sci-fi love story that promises to be a visual spectacle. It will touch hearts and ignite imaginations, as it explores the depths of love and devotion amidst the vastness of space. The film's teaser gave a glimpse of Kapoor's directorial brilliance, teasing the audience with breathtaking shots of interstellar travel, cosmic landscapes, and the emotional turmoil faced by the central characters. It also showed an enthralling narrative that revolves around the characters Dushyant and his lover, and how he loses track of her in space. Set against the backdrop of a mission to Mars after earth has been destroyed, the teaser artfully portrayed their passionate love and commitment to each other. However, tragedy strikes when her satellite gets lost during the expedition, leaving Kapoor devastated. As he vowed to do anything for love, he embarks on an awe-inspiring journey through the cosmos to find his beloved. With Love on the Mars, Kapoor aims to explore the depths of human emotions and the lengths people will go to for love, even if it means traversing the uncharted territories of space. Since its launch, the teaser has crossed lakhs of views. The film is expected to release in August this year.

  • Nushrratt Bharuccha launches ‘Akelli’ trailer in Delhi

    The film draws inspiration from a real-life incident of an Indian girl, who gets stranded in war-torn Iraq, and sheds light on her survival against all odds. Actress Nushrratt Bharuccha launched the first trailer of her upcoming film ‘Akelli’ in Delhi today. The film draws inspiration from a real-life incident of an Indian girl, who gets stranded in war-torn Iraq, and sheds light on her survival against all odds. Bharuccha, while speaking to the media, revealed that getting into the shoes of her on-screen character wasn’t a cakewalk. “Honestly, I was a little hesitant to do this film earlier because of the trauma attached to the story. I was extremely vigilant of my performance and relied on the film’s producers and director for their guidance,” she said. To do justice to her role, she preferred to stay low-profile during the shoot. “As a team, we were extremely vigilant to not to go overboard with things so as to stay realistic to the actual incident. I only focused on facing the camera and rarely spoke to people while working. There were also instances when I requested the film’s director to allow me to shoot (certain) scenes alone so that I could do justice to the role,” she added. Though this helped her bring out the best in her, but she felt emotionally distressed off-the-screen. She shared, “There were many nights I could not go out for dinner after the pack-up. I couldn’t explain why but I just couldn’t. I think actors are very sensitive and we need the most help when we take on difficult characters. A session in the form of a group discussion or a therapy should be introduced to help us come out of such hard character.” Shot in Uzbekistan, Akelli also stars Nishant Dahiya and Rajesh Jais. It also marks the debut of actors Tsahi Halevi and Amir Boutrous, who became popular after their stellar performances in the popular Israeli series 'Fauda'. Pranay Meshram, who directed the film, said that working with a blend of actors wasn't distressing. When asked how was it to direct Halevi and Boutrous, he shared, “Working with them wasn’t difficult. They knew their craft since they are quite established as actors. The only challenge was in terms of communication, since they were not well-versed in English.” Akelli is produced by Dashami Studioz's Nitin Vaidya, Ninad Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar, Vicky Sidana and Shashant Shah. The film is slated to release on August 18.

  • Pro Panja League kicks-off in Delhi

    Kiren Rijiju, Minister of Earth Sciences inaugurated the event at the Indira Gandhi International Stadium. After the curtain raiser, players competed in 70 kg, 100+ kg and 55 kg categories. Amidst loud cheer and fervour, the first season of Pro Panja League (PPL) kicked-off in Delhi at the KD Jadhav Indoor Hall, Indira Gandhi Arena, New Delhi. Kiren Rijiju, Minister of Earth Sciences, inaugurated the occasion along with actor Pravin Dabas, Co-founder, Pro Panja League. Dzheenbek Mukambetov, President, Asian Armwrestling, Avazbek Asadov, Vice-President, Asian Armwrestling, Akhmed Aliyev, General Secretary, Asian Armwrestling along with his wife Yelena Aliyeva, were also present on the occasion. Rijiju, while speaking to the media, shared, his association with the league. “Not many people know that I was the sports minister when the ranking tournament of the league began in 2020. I am very excited to inaugurate PPL today. I thank Pravin Dabas and Preeti Jhangiani, the co-owners of PPL, for inviting me, and I wish them heaps of success for the future,” he said. The minister also urged people to watch the league since it align with the Khelo India and the Fit India. “People might not have the strength to arm wrestle as this sport involves stamina, technique, strength and skill, but they must come and support the teams and players who are participating this season. When Narendra Modi ji introduced Khelo India and Fit India, the idea was to involve every Indian with a sport. What better way to be a part of these programmes than cheering for players,” he added. After the inauguration ceremony, players competed in the 70 kg, 100+ kg and 55 kg category. The first-day of the play saw Ludhiana Lions and Mumbai Muscle clinching important victory over Kiraak Hyderabad and Baroda Badshahs, respectively. Ludhiana Lions won the match 14-3. It all began in the undercard, when Shivanshu Kaushik, Shahil Rahul Kumar and Afzal Khan scored a 3-0 lead. Though Ludhiana Lions lost against Kiraak Hyderabad in the first main card bout (80kg category) by 1-3, Sivajith Janardanan and Stewe Thomas recovered in the 70kg category and won 3-0, earning two bonus points. In the final bout of the game, Sachin Tomar also won the 60 kg bout 3-0 along with another two points, giving Ludhiana Lions a clear win. In second match of the day, Mumbai Muscle also showcased a wonderful powermance. In the undercard, Umesh Pal won a bout, while Surendra Saini and Bably won the bouts for Baroda Badshahs to get 2-1 lead. Baroda Badshahs' Harman Mann was stunned by Mumbai Muscle's Kyle Cummings, as the latter not only won the bout with a clean sweep, but also won the 10-second Challenge Round within a second to earn 5 bonus points for his side. With a 10-0 win, Kyle showcased his dominance, giving Mumbai Muscle a hefty lead. Paarth Sonni also brought accolades for Mumbai Muscle when he had a face-off against Shamir Khan in 100+ kg bout. With his deadly hook, he left no room for Shamir to script a comeback for Baroda, and won the bout comfortably 3-0 to earn two more bonus points for his side. With the game already in Mumbai Muscle's kitty, Jogender Yadav came for the final bout against Muzahid Shaikh in 70kg bout, but Muzahid managed to get a consolation 3-1 win for Baroda. Mumbai Muscle won the match 17-5. PPL features six teams, namely, Kiraak Hyderabad, Mumbai Muscle, Rohtak Rowdies, Ludhiana Lions, Baroda Badshahs, and Kochi KD’s. The winning team will be felicitated with INR20 lakh. The matches can be viewed live on Sony Sports Ten 3 SD and Sony Sports Ten 3 HD and streamed on FanCode.

  • Preeti Jhangiani on 'Kafas'

    "It was difficult to come out of filmy mode." It has been quite a year for actress Preeti Jhangiani. From making an entry into the world of sports as the owner of a Panja team to making her on-screen comeback in SonyLiv show 'Kafas', the actress proved that she can wear many hats. In fact, it was her role that made critics applaud her performance. But for the actress, getting into Tanya's shoes (her reel character) wasn't easy. She shared that she faced a lot of troubles while shooting. "It was difficult to come out of filmy mode and put myself in Tanya's shoes. I had to restrain myself a lot during the scenes and my director, Sahil Sangha, really helped me to get the tone of the scenes right," she said. When asked what made her think about her role, she explained that she was 'pleasantly surprised' to get it. "Tanya Bajaj is a very real character. She is a star wife and maintains a facade for the outside world no matter what turmoils she faces within. She is a mother and wants to protect her own son at any cost. I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered the role, as people don’t usually cast me in such a character," she added. Kafas is a story of a Mumbai-based middle-class family whose school-going kid is on the verge of becoming a star. The show also stars Sharman Joshi and Mona Singh, among others.

  • When art exhibits emotions

    Six master and young artists are showcasing emotions on the canvas. Every artwork carries a story. Some artists express ideas through colours and forms, and others through techniques and unusual strokes. Unlike other galleries that stick to a unique theme and exhibit works around it, The Art Lounge in Gurugram has brought forth works of young and experienced artists on the same platform. The show, titled ‘The Palette of Emotions’, is taking place at the gallery’s premises at Nirvana Courtyard till July 28. The exhibition features works of six artists: three masters and the rest are fresh faces. Each artwork reveal emotions of the artists. Explains Aparna Banerjee, the owner of the gallery, “It is our way of showcasing the best of both worlds: the works of master as well as emerging artists. We not only wanted to bring in different styles together but also interpretation of artists on emotions.” Tarannum Siddiqui’s works, for instance, has shown emotions as hope in the times of despair. The Lucknow-based artist, who specialises in using symbols, has yet again played with geometrical shapes. She has metaphorically depicted how mind searches for answers. “Whenever we make an artwork, we usually start with a straight line. Scribbling starts as soon as we introspect. Likewise, in life, we try following a straight path but often meet with ego that swerves our focus from achieving our goals. This artwork depicts our journey towards our destiny, despite the turmoil that comes along,” she explains. West Bengal-based artist Pulakesh Mandal’s artworks reveal his life on the canvas. This self-taught artist shares the story of his tough childhood in vivid tones in his artworks. He says, “I was not loved as a child and spent my life alone and secluded. There was a constant emergence of thoughts and interactions during those times. I have tried to put all those emotions, struggles and conversations in my life in these artworks that I experienced while growing up.” Another participating artist Haren Thakur’s works give a glimpse of his childhood and the learnings from his tribal culture in his artworks. This mixed media artist used earthy tones to channelise emotions in rocks, drawing similarity between the mundane life of people with that of rocks. Thakur has added feature several elements of nature, such as trees, rocks and Ganesha, each depicting his experiences while growing up in his home town. The show also focuses on girl power. Guru Kinkar celebrates women in two ways: as the backbone of the household and simultaneously as synonymous with Durga and Kaali. Banerjee explains this master artist’s work as an ode to women. “If you look closely, you can see the calmness, fierceness and playfulness of women in these paintings. The artist has depicted women as goddesses. He has also tried to diminish the gap between mythology and women,” she adds Besides these artists, Pradip Maitra's figurative works and Yogesh Murkute's abstract art are also on display.

  • Celebs on Father's Day

    Indian celebrities share what their fathers means to them and the advice the latter shared with them... Of many things in life, there is one role that transforms a boy to a man: the role of a father. A father is someone who is a nurturer, healer, teacher, mentor and friend. For any daughter, her father is her first love. To celebrate Father's Day, we spoke to some of the celebs who spilled the beans on their fathers and how their advice transformed them into great individuals. Ssudeep Sahir My father, Sandeep Sahir, is my closest friend, mentor and guide. I remember my dad telling me that he always wanted to be an Air Force pilot. My father has been one of my biggest support systems. I remember before I decided to come to Mumbai, he was the one who told me to follow your heart. I’m extremely fortunate to have him and can’t thank him enough for all the love that I've received from him. Anupama Solanki I share a good equation with my father, Tekpal Solanki. He has always told me to learn as much as possible as a life without knowledge is meaningless. He tells me to never think about shortcuts to achieve success as it's the devil's path, so I should take the right route towards my goal, trust myself and the God, give my 100% and the rest is my destiny. Deepika Motwani My father is our version of Santa Claus since he brings us many gifts and travels because he's been busy with business and because he travelled a lot when I was growing up. The two pieces of advice dad always offered me were that there is no one greater than God, and to continue acting ethically, even when no one is looking, because your character is what will last and all other things will pass away. Sheeba Akashdeep My father, Ajay Agarwal, was my best friend while growing up. He was a super strict father but has been my backbone, like the rock of Gibraltar. He has always told me to be honest and compassionate. I will always be the wind beneath your wings. If there’s anything I would do in this world I would confine it to my father and he will make it right. He’s very loving and extremely supportive of all his children. Esha Gaur My father is an endodontist. He always stands by my side and trusts me blindly. I make sure I live up to that trust and whatever he has taught me till now I stick to it and try to make him proud always. The pieces of advice he has given me is to use money wisely, don't trust anyone blindly, follow my heart, that I should choose my career wisely, respect opportunities, and never ever lie, cheat or borrow money. Shaan Mishra I have always shared a great equation with my father. During my school and college days, I used to be very afraid of him. He always used to talk about studies. He wanted me to become an IAS/IPS officer. All these things about studies have always been there in my house. He has given me a lot of advice from his experiences because he has seen a lot of ups and down in his life.

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