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Dushyant Kapoor not part of Shaktimaan movie

"Unfortunately this is not true, I am not a part of this Shaktimaan movie for now".

Dushyant Kapoor confirms that he is not part of the movie on Shaktimaan.

As soon Sony Pictures India announced the news of Shaktimaan being made into a film, Dushyant Kapoor's name started surfacing. Dushyant had created Shaktimaan fan-made trailer in 2016. Since the show is a sci-fi movie and he has been making sci-fi web series since the beginning, the assumption of his fans was not that far-fetched.

But Dushyant has finally confirmed that he is not the part of the film.

He said, “I was stunned to see people asking me 'if I am a part of it or am I directing this film?'. Six years ago, I know you all believed in me when I created Shaktimaan fan-made trailer, you all put your trust in me in millions and Mr. Mukesh Khanna ji appreciated us too. To all of you guys across the nation and world, I want to say that I am feeling so blessed that you guys believe that I can be a part of such a huge phenomenon but unfortunately this is not true. I am not a part of this Shaktimaan movie for now. I wish I could be the one."

Veteran actor Mukesh Khanna played the lead in show that continues to rule the hearts of children born in the 90s.

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