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Gratitude: A gateway to success

They say gratitude and success go hand in hand. If you believe in this but haven’t shown thankfulness to others in your life, you can do it now. Aashmeen Munjaal through her Shukrana Gratitude Foundation is hosting a Shukrana conclave to help people understand their inner worth and inner beauty.

For celebrity makeup and beauty expert-turned ontologist Aashmeen Munjaal, gratitude is a magic potion. But she feels that in the race of achieving dreams, people have forgotten to acknowledge and show gratitude towards their wins. With an aim to make them understand their inner worth and to help them draw closer to their goals, Munjaal’s Shukrana Gratitude Foundation recently rolled out a 30-days programme under the Shukrana conclave.

The idea behind the programme is to motivate and guide people to help them achieve their dreams. “Our theme is to beautify humanity internally and externally,” shares Aashmeen.

To guide the participants, the foundation has roped in a panellist of prominent personalities from different industries. These include Bollywood actors Aman Verma and Ritu Shivpuri, Study by Janak’s Director Vandy Mehra, Star Makeup and Hair Academy’s Director Annie Munjaal, business and life coach Ramon LLamba, relationship and family coach Vivek Behl, personality coach Rita Gangwani and fashion designer Preeti Ghai, to name a few.

These personalities will share a list of dos and don’ts with participants free of cost basis their expertise and experience.

Every day, a few members on the panel will host a one-hour session with participants to help them draw closer to their dreams. All the sessions will be conducted on Zoom. In case a participant misses a session after registering with the foundation, he/she can view the discussion on Shukrana Gratitude Foundation’s YouTube channel.

But what will include in these sessions? Annie Munjal, Director, Star Academy, explains, “These sessions are like guidelines. They will include discussions and panellists will also give assignments to participants to allow them to practice gratitude in the real sense. These sessions will be a get-together for everyone as one will be able to listen as well as practice their learnings.”

Who can join?

People of any age can join this programme, including children. Aashmeen stresses that the programme has the potential to help children combat mental health issues from a young age.

“The problem with today’s children is that they don’t feel optimistic and thankful for what they have. When things are given to them, they take them for granted. That’s why when they don’t achieve something, they face mental health problems. I feel that there is a need to teach children about importance of gratitude and optimism in smallest achievements. These sessions will help them,” she shares.

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