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How Suneet Varma helped reduce carbon footprint

The jewellery featured in the fashion designer’s collection was made from recycled metals and mining-free materials. Designed by ‘Aulerth’, Suneet did his bit for the environment through this partnership.

Fashion designer Suneet Varma recreated his magic on the ramp at the recently-concluded India Couture Week 2022. This time, his collection featured jewellery made from recycled metals and mining-free materials, something that the designer has not done before.

Designed by Aulerth, the statement pieces were handcrafted in such a way that they led to zero to minimal carbon footprint.

Vivek Ramabhadran, Founder and CEO, Aulerth, explained, “The jewellery showcased in the collection was made from recycled metals and mining-free materials. It was recycled with global standards, and is nickel-free. All the metals used in the collection were, at some point, used in an automobile or as construction equipment.”

The jewellery showcased in the collection featured stones such as ruby and emerald. Surprisingly, these stones have not been obtained from uprooting and destroying the earth. This coincided in the designer's viewpoint. Suneet too lost interest in using gold for jewellery after he saw a documentary on gold mining. So, when he learnt about Aulerth’s initiative, he could not say no to it.

“Each and every one of us should be responsible about what is going on in the world. It could be either through sustainable jewellery, eco-friendly products or how we leave our carbon footprint. I think this is a fantastic initiative and I thank Aulerth for it,” he said.

Vivek's interest in making jewellery from recycled products started when he understood the aftermath this precious metal leaves on earth.

“Though gold is extremely popular in India, it leaves a highly destructive environmental footprint. A single gold ring generates 20000 kilos of toxic waste, including cyanide and mercury,” he said.

This led him to start Aulerth that works on the ideology of being high in design and intelligently mindful. This means that the mining footprints of the metals used in the making of the jewellery is zero, making these pieces worth a buy.

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