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Mika Singh, an inspiration to his nephews

Mika's nephew have worked with him on his music channel and are happy to have him as a mentor in the industry.

Mika Singh has been an inspiration for several upcoming singers. But the singer is in awe of his nephews Pannu Maan and Heera Singh, who recently released their song 'Kudi Kamaal'.

Mika Singh was so impressed by the youthful singing prodigies Pannu Maan and Heera Singh that he personally got in touch with them to express his happiness for their efforts. He also wished them luck for the song.

Kudi Kamaal was filmed at exotic locations in Dubai. It stars Pannu Maan, Heera Singh, and Arushi Handa, who also competed in Splitsvilla 11.

The song was launched on the Stereosinghz music channel on YouTube recently.

After receiving a message from his uncle, Pannu said, "Blessings from Mika sir is a morale booster for us. He is a superstar singer in the music business. He has always been an inspiration for us. We have grown up listening to his songs and have always dreamed of becoming like him. His wise remarks are a fantastic source of inspiration for us as we are just beginning our adventure. We were hesitant to play him our song for fear that he wouldn't approve. By God's grace, he did, and he appreciated us."

Previously, the singing duo worked with MikaSingh on his music channel.

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