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Mrunal Thakur’s love for camera

From TV to films, actor Mrunal Thakur talks about her journey and the spark that let her scale new heights in acting. Excerpts…

Nothing can stop Mrunal Thakur to push herself beyond limits. From the small screen to Bollywood, she has come a long way and proved her mettle in every role with finesse. Ahead of Jersey’s release, the actress shared that it was her love for the camera that persuaded her to deliver her best.

“A camera is the only thing that remains stagnant in the life of an actor. So, irrespective of the medium, I perform to the best of my abilities. I thank all filmmakers who have broken the stereotypes and chose a TV actor instead of a film actor to do a movie,” she says.

Before making her debut in Bollywood, Mrunal has worked in several TV advertisements and as a lead in a popular soap opera. Comparing her differences between both the mediums, the actor shared, “My journey from TV to the film industry has been incredible. A TV show runs for a long time of time whereas a film has a life. It is within the limited scenes, you have to do a lot of hard work. I was hungry to perform a good character. I take pride in getting opportunities from the filmmakers of the industry.”

In Jersey, Mrunal will play ‘Vidya’, a Telegu girl who loves her husband. The film releases on 22 April.

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