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'Music industry has transformed'

Shama Sikandar was recently in the capital to promote a new song 'Majnu 2' in which she will feature. She spoke to us and spilled the beans about her experience of working with Mika Singh and the transformation that the music industry has witnessed in the few years.

Actress Shama Sikander has appeared in Mika Singh's new song, Majnu 2.

After a long break, actress Shama Sikandar is back in the music industry. This time, she is dancing on the tunes of singer Mika Singh in his new song 'Majnu 2'. Calling it a wonderful experience, Shama said, "Its been quite a long time since we worked with each other. Mika is a friend to me so the experience has been great."

In the early 2000s, Shama was seen in Abhijeet Bhattacharya's song 'Kabhie mausam hua resham'. So, when asked how things have changed in the music industry since then, she responded that there has been a tremendous transformation over the last few years.

"There has been a 360° change in the music industry. We are living in an influencer dominant world today. Everything is social media related and things happen quickly. Now, people do not have patience to appreciate art and their attention span has reduced. If they don’t like something, they switch to the next thing. The industry is evolving for better and so am I," she said.

Shama also pointed out that technically as well, the industry has transformed for better, which in turn has changed the perspective of looking at video shoots.

"Earlier, focus was given on practicing the movements/choreography and ample time was dedicated to shoot films. But now, shooting happens instantly. Things have changed in terms of how we shoot and look at shooting schedules," she shared.

Keeping up with the changing times, Majnu 2 was also shot in three days in a picturesque location in Malta. The song depicts the story of four friends while on a vacation. Besides Shama, the song also features South Indian sensation Laxmi Raai.

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