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Music School: A musical tackling serious issue

Music School features 12 songs, out of which the rights of three of them are taken from 'The Sound of Music'. The film also marks the debut of singer Shaan.

Paparao Biyyala along with actors Shriya Saran and Sharman Joshi at the promotion of Music School in Delhi.

The Indian film industry has hardly experimented with a musical, featuring songs from the classic play, The Sound of Music, and coming with a serious message. When Paparao Biyyala understood how children from middle class families are still discouraged to take up music professionally, he decided to give audiences a musical titled ‘Music School’. On a promotional trip, Biyyala was in Delhi along with actors Sharman Joshi and Shriya Saran.

Biyyala, who has written, directed and produced the film, shared that this might look an ordinary issue but it hampers the child's interest.

“In middle class households, children are pressurised to study instead of taking up music and drama. When a child has lack of interest in a subject, failure occurs, and some children take wrong steps to overcome embarrassment. This a serious issue. That’s why we thought of narrating this story in a musical format,” he said.

Though the film tackles a serious issue, the makers clarified that this two-hour long film is packed with entertainment. It features 11 songs and a musical dialogue.

"You will laugh, cry and dance while watching it. It will make you look back to times when you danced," he added.

Besides usual songs, the film also features three original tracks from the classic play, The Sound of Music, which were orchestrated by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and later converted to cinema.

When asked how he could use those songs, Biyyala explained, “We took the rights of the songs from The Sound of Music and lifted them as is. Ilaiyaraaja supervised these songs and the background score was shot in Budapest. These songs have not been portrayed in a way it was done in the cinema in 1965.”

The film also marks the debut of singer Shaan, who has sung several hits like Tanha Dil, Wo Ladki Hai Kahaan, Chand Sifarish and Bum Bum Bole, among others. It also features actors Sharman Joshi, Shriya Saran, Prakash Raj, Ozu Barua and Gracy Goswami in relevant roles.

Music School will release in Hindi, Tamil and Telegu on May 12.

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