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Pure Flour from Europe: high in taste, quality

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

‘Pure Flour from Europe’ is a campaign that aims to create awareness among professionals, opinion leaders and consumers in India about the quality and uniqueness of flour from Europe and Italy.

(Courtesy: Pure Flour From Europe Instagram)

Understanding the grave concern of food adulteration in the Indian market, the Italian Association of Millers (ITALMOPA) has launched an initiative to promote the exports of soft wheat flour in India. The campaign, called ‘Pure Flour from Europe’ is co-funded by the European Commission.

Explaining the idea of the campaign, His Excellence Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy, says, “We want to share experience of Italy with India in terms of safety, quality of food and sustainable agriculture. This campaign is a joint effort of Italy and India to secure food problem in our countries.”

The European milling industry ensures the production of high-quality flour. Everything from the selection of best grains to its production is done carefully. The flour uses a skilful mix of tradition and combines cutting-edge technology while adhering to stringent quality standards.

Unlike Indian mills where flour is mostly sold loose, the Italian flour is secured, sealed, carefully marketed and traceable all the way to the soil.

Vincenzo de Luca, Ambassador of Italy

Calling it a sustainable product, the ambassador shares, “We use natural products. We call it sustainable as we respect the environment and the use of resources. It is very efficient in terms of consumption of energy and the efficiency of the value chain.”

Despite being an Italian product, the flour is ideal for making all recipes: local, European and Italian recipes. So, whether it’s for paranthas, pizzas, pastas and other bakery items, it can satiate all taste buds.

Apart from the flour, the brand also plans to launch a range of other products in India. “It’s a two-way round partnership. We plan to launch tomato, oil and pasta, among other things, in India,” he adds.

The soft wheat flour will be available in both retail and commercial market in India.

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