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Shriya Saran on importance of 'performing arts'

The actress shared that performing arts teach discipline and help in tackling failures.

Most of us know Shriya Saran as an actor but did you know that she is also a trained dancer. The Drishyam-actress learnt dancing skills from the legendary Kathak dancer Shobhana Narayan before stepping her foot in the Indian film industry. She recalls, “Delhi is very special to me. I learnt Kathak from Shobhana Narayanji and visited Pandara Road.”

Saran studied in Delhi Public School, Mathura Road, and completed her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi University. Though she misses Delhi, she is happy being an actor. She credits her parents who persuaded her to follow her dreams.

“My family was always there to watch my performances. My mom had a dream to see me as a dancer and fortunately, I became an actress. My profession allows me to dance as well,” she shares.

Saran will be next seen in Music School, which touches upon how families discourage children to pursue music professionally. But Saran feels that it’s time for parents to look at the broader picture as performing arts teach valuable lessons.

“One thing that you learn from any performing art is practice and discipline. It also teaches you to tackle your failures and give respect. These things have stayed with me forever and help me in my life,” she adds.

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