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'2021 taught me to focus more on mental peace'

Actress Sehnooor spills the beans on how 2021 has been for her and what's next in her kitty.

The year 2021 has taught all of us several things, and it has been a roller coaster ride for everyone one. Actress Sehnooor too had similar learnings during the year.

The Badan Pe Sitare 2 actress says, “2021 has personally not been that easy as a human being, staying away from family alone here has been very challenging. But what I learned this year is to make yourself your priority, to work on yourself more than letting others work on you.”

The COVID-19 pandemic and losing loved ones have taken a massive toll on both our physical and mental health. Mental health indeed plays a very vital role in each one of our lives. The actress shared that in the forthcoming year, she would focus on her mental health.

“You are your own teacher is what I believe in. And personally, I am going to make sure that in the coming year I work more on myself physically and mentally so that I can be a better person. I wish the year brings out lots of love, peace and harmony within me and each one of us around the world and we make a better world and better place to live in after such a drastic downfall,” she added.

Sehnooor was working during the entire pandemic phase for her upcoming Bollywood debut. She will be next seen with Pawan Singh in the web series ‘Prapanch’. Besides this, she will be a part of two music videos that will be announced soon.

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