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Atrangi Re review: Refreshingly different

Atrangi Re is beyond a regular love story. It takes a deep dive into the issue of mental health and its consequences. Dhanush and Sara Ali Khan outshine Akshay Kumar with their remarkable performances. Anand L Rai deserves a pat on his back for giving a new dimension to a regular love story.

Name: Atrangi Re

Director: Aanand L. Rai

Rating: 3.5/5

Platform: Disney+Hotstar

While looking at Atrangi Re's trailer, it might seem to be a regular love triangle kind of a movie. But unlike other romantic movies where boy meets a girl and falls in love or a couple loving out of their wedlock, the film is a refreshingly different. It is atrangi in literal sense - be it its story, screenplay, performances and emotional sequences. Director Anand L Rai has given a twist to a love story by boldly sliding the issue of mental health and its consequences in the story.

The film revolves around Rinku Sooryavanshi (played by Sara Ali Khan) and Vishu (Dhanush). They are forcefully married off after Rinku's family kidnaps Vishnu. But Rinku's heart beats for Sajjad Ali (played by Akshay Kumar), a magician, while Vishnu loves his long-time girlfriend. Despite being married, both of them mutually come to a consensus to follow their hearts and marry their respective lovers. However, things change when Vishnu starts develops feelings for Rinku and later learns the secret about Rinku's boyfriend Sajjad.

The film's script and screenplay and dialogues are spot on. It does not take enough time for the director to establish the story. In fact, it is because of the smooth storytelling and editing that makes the film likeable. There is a perfect combination of romance, drama, emotions and comedy in the film. The first half is better than the second half. The treatment given to the climax could have been better. It is botched up and makes it confusing for viewers to understand the plot.

In terms of performances, Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush are brilliant. Sara's Bihari accent is spot on. No where in the film will you feel that she lost it. As a bold, bindaas and fierce small town girl who knows what she wants and how she can get it, Sara deserves a 10/10. She has also aced the funny, as well as emotional scenes to perfection. One cannot miss her sizzling hot performance in Chaka Chak.

Dhanush too has complemented his role well. He plays a charming and understanding lover boy who will make you fall in love with him within a few minutes into the film. He also deserves applause for his comic timing and his chemistry with Sara.

However, Akshay Kumar has not offered anything out-of-the-box. He looks quite odinary as compared to Dhanush and Sara in terms of his acting. Besides the lead roles, Ashish Verma as Vishnu's best friend has been a surprise element in the film. One cannot miss his comic timing and the necessary laughter that he brings in the film.

Atrangi Re's music and songs add the cherry on the cake. A R Rahman's has left no stone unturned. He has added the south Indian tunes wherever needed, making the film watchable for both Hindi and Tamil audiences. Overall, Atrangi Re is a treat that you can savour. Mind you, the film will teach you some important lessons.

Watch it on Disney+ Hotstar from December 24.

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