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Bhumi Padnekar resonates with this beauty brand

Actor Bhumi Pednekar was recently in Gurugram to launch the first flagship store of Boddess. The Badhai Do actor revealed that she became the face of the brand as it celebrates different aspects of beauty.

There are very few actors in Bollywood who have shattered stereotypes with their on-screen roles. Actor Bhumi Pednekar is one of the few actors who have always carved a niche in this segment. But this isn’t just limited to the choice of films she does. The actor is extremely vigilant while promoting products and endorses only those brands that she resonates with.

While speaking to A2zoftrends, the actor said, “The most exciting thing about being an actor is that I get to play parts that are very away from me. But the brands that I represent are the ones that I resonate with the most. I feel that’s the perfect balance that I create.”

Bhumi recently became the face of a beauty brand Boddess. At the store’s launch in Gurugram, the Badhai Do revealed the secret about her association with the brand.

She shared, “I am extremely honoured to collaborate with Boddess. The brand celebrates the different aspects of beauty and blends beauty with technology. It is a very empowering brand and it’s for everybody. I feel so proud that it has been started by someone who is so dear to me.”

Boddess is a beauty and wellness platform that provides digital tools, augmented reality and virtual shopping. It features a nail bar for nail art and extensions, among other services, and a hair bar with a spa facility. Besides this, the store also has a dedicated area for hair wash, styling and massages.

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