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Celebrating creativity of artists

The Art Hub's recent group show displays works of different artists in a range of medium: pen, water colours, acrylic, charcoal, digital and oil, among others.

Imagine gazing into an artwork and becoming a part it. That’s the kind of experience The Art Hub’s commune exhibition has in store for art lovers in Delhi. This group art show features works of some of the students learning art under the guidance of the gallery’s director, Bhawna Minocha.

The showcase includes artworks in a range of mediums, including pen, water colours, acrylic, charcoal, digital and oil, among others. Some of them appear to be as realistic as looking at the scene happening in front of the eyes. This includes paintings such as 'Embroideries of India', 'Comfort', 'Windows' and 'Shades of Europe', to name a few.


The show displayed a collection of paintings titled 'The Journey Continues...' by artist Gauri Minocha, as well as works by TAH Spotlight Artist Saurabh Sukhwani, and 'Voices on a Canvas', which features original artworks made by emerging artists being trained at the gallery.

Saurabh Sukhwani’s works, for instance, blend luxury with architectural beauty of different countries that he visited as a traveller.


“I am attracted to European architecture. I have tried to showcase the fusion of European architecture with luxury brands to give it a grandeur feelings. One of the paintings show a Dior store in a street in Paris. This is a reflection of how an actual luxury store looks in the French capital,” he said.


Sukhwani, who was initially associated with his family’s fashion business, swerved his way into the field of art out of passion. He loves painting European architecture, Persian architecture and Sufi whirling (the whirling dance form of Turkey) in his paintings.


Artist Gauri Minocha has also showcased her travel experiences but refrains from sticking to only one medium. In fact, this mixed media artist loves experimenting with textured as well as digital art.

An artwork titled 'Windows'

While sharing details about the materials and the stories behind them, she said, “I have experimented with different materials, such as cement, PoP, mixed media, cotton, etc. I create abstracts and less of realistic works. I believe that ideas reflect creativity instead of the medium. I observe things while travelling and try keeping the works as real as possible. I prefer darker colours and monochromes in my paintings.”

Minocha is showcasing abstract as well as figurative pieces. She follows a specific technique while working on figurative pieces.

"The focus is on the eyes. I let the eyes do the talking as I feel that they reflect true emotions,” she explains.

The show also features works of Alpa Shrivastav. This artist has shown the idea of happiness through a range of varied bright colours. Besides this, 'Voices on a Canvas' is an interpretation of John Lennon's song 'Imagine' in a variety of ways.

There are also works of other artists, such as Ashima Sehgal, Gaurika Gaind and Vaneesha Khandelwal, among others, on display.

Art enthusiasts can visit the exhibition at The Art Hub Gallery in South Extension-1 from 11 am to 5 pm till March 15.


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