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Design rules for your home

Thinking of making your haven heavenly but are unable to keep up with the trends? Shreeya Jagtap, Design Crew Manager, West Elm and Pottery Barn, shares some ongoing and upcoming trends.

Home improvement projects can be daunting for homeowners. People find it difficult to keep up with the trends in the fast-changing interior design industry. This keeps them away from experimentation and doing home refurbishment. To ease your pain, A2zoftrends got in conversation with Sheeya Jagtap from West Elm and Pottery Barn. Excerpts…

Designers love playing with colours. What colours are trending in the upcoming season?

The upcoming season will see a mix of neutral tones with a statement piece. Neutral colours with one accent piece in olive or navy or a bold statement piece will be stand out. Let’s say, if your sofa is neutral, you can put a bold embroidered accent cushion on it.

What are the trending fabrics of the season and how are customers responding to them?

From what we seen so far from customers’ standpoint, they want a bit of character to the fabrics. They no longer want to purchase flat fabrics. Texture-based selection is in demand. A lot of duplex and tulle will trend in the upcoming season.

Earlier size of a room was taken into consideration while designing. But now, designers ignore proportions. What’s your take?

Customers these days are now open to ideas. With Instagram becoming the medium to explore interior design tips and trends, people are getting more open to a maximalist design sense instead of the traditional classic forms. That’s why revamping a room according to size is no longer an issue. Even though your room is small, no one can stop you to put a blue wallpaper or a green ceiling centrepiece.

One classic trend that remains valid this season is…

A mid-century contemporary trend is an evergreen trend. So, wood finishes like accon finish or smoke wood finish will go well with any trend.

How can wall art accentuate the look of a room?

People are spending a lot on giving their walls the right look. One thing that they are investing in is art. If you are investing in art, make sure to add a nice frame to the wall art instead of focusing on its price. A framed artwork can easily add a unique look to your walls.

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