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Gaze into world in your backyard

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes. There are several beautiful elements in the environment that one ignores while managing hassles in life. This art show features works of nine artists who have captured natural beauty in their art works.

Abhipsa Pradhan’s artwork in Idital form, the tribal art of Odisha.

Think about the last time you appreciated beauty of a delicate leaf or the art on the fur of a neighbour’s cat, the feathers of a bird or a bee’s wings. In our busy lives, we often miss out or ignore the beauty of nature. To remind people about the beauty that exists in natural surroundings, nine artists are showcasing their artworks around the nature and its creativity through colours.

The exhibition titled ‘The World in our Backyard’ is being held in The Art Lounge, Gurgaon. All artists have captured the essence of nature in acrylic colours. Six artists are showcasing works in figurative art and two in abstract art. The show also features also features two sculpture artworks by Padma Shri Biman Bihari Das.

Aparna Banerjee, curator of the show, defines the show a reflection of our mundane lives through art. She says, “This exhibition features several elements of nature that we generally ignore due to our mundane lifestyle, be it the afternoon sun, the chirping of birds, the squeaks of squirrels or the beauty in a fly’s wings. Artists have used figurative and abstract art to give a spotlight to these elements.”

Among abstract pieces are four artworks. Nupur Kundu has presented the essence of a human or animal life or nature in two of her creations. Niren Sen Gupta is also showcasing abstract art using the technique of figurative abstract art.

Describing Niren’s paintings, Aparna says, “His works are an interpretation of the mankind. They are a take on the people that we meet in our lives. He has tried to show that we meet several people in our life. But, the ones with whom we do not bond with blend in the crowd and became a part of it.”

Vimal Chand's artworks on trees.

Another artist Uma Shankar Pathak has also given a spotlight to nature but his painting carries a deeper message about the loss mankind is doing to the environment. The Bihar-born artist, in his painting, has shared a high-tech city that envelopes green areas and animals, an image which he says, is rarely seen in modern cities.

He says, “I have shown nature as the world in our backyard. However, I feel people acquire green areas from farmers to construct multi-storeyed buildings on them. When this happens, the construction destroys the greenery around the concrete structure and abandons animals from their shelter. The zebra in my painting symbolise the urban cities where such buildings are constructed.”

The exhibition also features Abhipsa Pradhan’s paintings in Idital form, the tribal art of Odisha. The Odisha-born artist has used this art form to educate masses about the tribe and its culture.

She says, “This painting reflects the journey of art over the years. This is the world I have grown into so it symbolises the title of the show. I have shown changes that have taken place in the world since my grandfather’s generation.”

Abhipsa has taken a car as the centre piece in her artworks. She has embossed lacquer polish on ceramic using syringe and cone method and added it on a thick tussar silk. She has used Idital form around the car. In this form, the body structure is small but hands and foot are long.

Besides these artists, the show also features Vimal Chand’s paintings on trees, two artworks by Sabya Khan and eight small paintings by Durga Kainthola.


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