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Jamie & Jesse Lever on 'A Spin Around Dubai'

Jamie and Jesse Lever have made their OTT debut in a three-episodes mini-series, A Spin Around Dubai, to be aired on MX Player.

After trying their hand at comedy, Johnny Lever's children Jamie and Jesse Lever made their debut on the OTT platform and in an adventurous way. The duo shot a three-episodes mini-series, A Spin Around Dubai. The show allowed the siblings to explore Dubai without an itinerary. Instead they spun the wheel from their hands to decide their fate in the new city.

Despite its unique format, the siblings enjoyed their unplanned trip.

Sharing her experience, Jamie said, “We have been to Dubai a few times before but [we] were unaware of its diverse offerings. It is through MX Player’s mini-series ‘A Spin Around Dubai’ that we got to experience the unexplored side of the city. From experiencing the breathtaking sunrise in a hot air balloon to the edge walk on the 53rd floor of the Sky Views Observatory, it was an unforgettable experience."

The siblings also experienced hot air balloon ride, enjoyed adventure rides at the motion park, chilled at the La Mer Beach of Dubai and witnessed the ‘museum of the future’. They also dined with a Michelin Star Chef.

Calling in a crazy trip, Jesse said, “Bohot maza aaya! It has been a crazy trip as we indulged in fun-filled never-before-done activities. Be it swinging and dancing from the 53rd floor to steering the wheel for car racing, it has been an exhilarating journey. Unlike other projects, everything was done in a single take; whatever viewers see is our natural experience.”

A Spin Around Dubai is streaming on MX Player.

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