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Kickstart your samosa party

Ever imagined munching 14 different varieties of hygienically-prepared samosas under one roof? If not, do try samosas in various stuffing from egg to keema, barbeque chicken to tandoori chicken, corn and cheese to daal and water chestnuts to potatoes at this eatery that promises something for everyone.

Raising a toast to samosas: Diksha Pande and Amit Nanwani, Founders, Samosa Party.

When Diksha Pande and Amit Nanwani thought of starting their entrepreneurial journey in the food industry, they came to know that several multinational companies were experimenting with American foods. But Indian snacks never gained the spotlight. Even among Indian players, the humble samosa was not given impetus it deserved. This bothered the duo, who later diverted their attention to the favourite Indian tea-time snack.

“We came to know that India exports samosas to more than 140 countries across the world. Within India as well, nearly six crore samosas are sold every day. The fact that there was not even a single Indian brand solely focusing on serving samosas in different flavours under one roof led to the birth of Samosa Party in 2017,” says Amit.

The Bangalore-based brand serves samosas in 14 distinct flavours. The menu has been decided on the basis of people’s tastebuds and geographical area. Amit explains that these distinct flavours are adapted from different parts of the country.

“We have created our menu basis regional preferences. For example, if you go to Kolkata, people usually enjoy water chestnut (singhara) samosas. In Dehradun, noodle samosas are rage. In Rajasthan, people love to indulge in daal samosas and in Chennai and Hyderabad, onion samosas and mutton keema samosas are popular, respectively,” he clarifies.

Within aloo samosa, the brand serves four distinct varieties. “Our Punjabi aloo samosa is for people who love spicy food, whereas khoya and aloo samosa (with raisins and dry fruits) is for those who crave for a sweeter version. We also have a spicy version as Jodhpuri aloo pyaaz samosa, which is our take on aloo pyaaz kachodi from Rajasthan. There is desi aloo samosa with peas, a staple version enjoyed in Delhi-NCR,” he explains.

Besides these, one can find mutton keema, corn and cheese, onion patti, tandoori chicken, barbeque chicken and egg samosas.

Samosas are considered unhealthy, as they are stored in unhygienic environment. Sometimes, the product is good but the experience gets compromised, as they are often wrapped in newspapers or paper bags while being sold. Use of pre-mixes further deteriorates their freshness. The brand is cautious of the quality they serve to customers.

They maintain high quality standards while sourcing the ingredients, as well as preparing and serving the final product. All ingredients are sourced from certified vendors. In fact, the brand's quality and auditing team performs audits on these vendors and after ensuring that they have followed hygiene practices, they are taken onboard.

The brand also refrains from using any food preservatives and maintains hygiene practices at all levels.

Explaining the dos and don’ts, Amit says, “The oil that we use is changed regularly. Our chefs fry samosas after receiving the order so that they final product does not become stale and soggy. They refrain from making stuffing beforehand and storing them in a chiller. This helps in keeping them fresh till they are delivered to customers. We follow these attributes, despite the pandemic, along with other hygiene practices such as use of masks and gloves.”

The brand is also working on some trials to launch fully-baked samosas as well. It also plans to open more stores in NCR and launch itself in Hyderabad.

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