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Meet the newbie on the block

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Sweta Das recently showcased her maiden solo exhibition in Delhi at the India Habitat Centre’s The Open Palm Court. We spoke to her to understand more about the show. Excerpts…

Sweta Das, 21, poses with one of her paintings.

1. Tell us about your art show?

The show is titled ‘A World of Creation’. I have tried to give people a glimpse of nature through my abstract artworks. It is my take on the varied tones that constitute nature. I have expressed my emotions and imagination through these artworks. These paintings depict colours that one sees while imagining nature. That is why I have not restricted my canvas to only a few colours. If you see carefully, I have used several colours - red, orange, green, yellow and black, to name a few. There are 37 paintings on display. I have used mixed media and added acrylic colours to them. Viewers can relate to these paintings through their emotions and energies.

2. Tell us about the technique that you have used while making these paintings?

I have used roller and spatula in these artworks. I have not used any brush strokes. All the works were very spontaneous. It’s the colours that make the painting. The colours were used directly. It’s not that I made a rough image using a pencil or pen and then added colours to them. That is why I call these paintings abstract art works.

3. What inspired you to choose nature as a topic?

We are born and raised in nature. Our imagination, feel and perception come from nature. That is why I focussed on nature. There are emotions, energies and natural aspects of environment in these artworks. There are also social observations which I have expressed through in some the pieces titled ‘Warrior’, ‘Femininity’, ‘Damaged’ and ‘Human’. I have captured these emotions by adding distinguished colours to them. I thought that it was essential for people to connect through colours and strokes.

An artwork titled 'Dusky 2'.

4. When and how did you discover your love for art?

Since childhood, I was interested in art. However, I lost some path in the middle due to my curriculum. I have had connection with canvas since my father is an artist. So, I have grown up around colours and canvases. In fact, my mother too is an artist. She practices Rabindra Sangeet. Growing up watching them create some kind of art influenced me to learn music initially and then take up paintings. My parents also encouraged and nurtured my skills in paintings. As a child, I remember my mom narrated stories about different artists. Their journeys motivated me to pursue some kind of art – be it singing, painting or dancing.

6. What made you take up painting?

I took up painting because there is independence in this art. It allows me to put my imagination on paper without being upheld by anyone. I found that I was able to express myself freely and independently through drawing and that is why I chose art.

7. When did you made these artworks?

I got a lot of time during the pandemic. I created these artworks between June to November 2021.

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