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Signs your body is dehydrated

Human body contains about 60% water. But during winters, our fluid intake decreases. This impacts our brain, digestion and other bodily functions. The body always shows signs of dehydration that we tend to ignore. Watch out for these symptoms in your body to see if you too are dehydrated.

Body cramps

It’s a common myth that muscle cramps are caused only due to excessive use of muscles. In reality, it signifies that your body is dehydrated. When we exercise, we loose electrolytes. That's why while exercising, it is advised to increase the intake of fluids. This allow the body to recover from the loss of fluids through sweat.

Light headedness

Many people confuse dizziness and light headedness with gastric problem, migraine and even vertigo. In reality, lack of fluids in the body causes light headedness, dizziness and uneasiness. Head spins when the blood flow is not able to reach the brain. Drinking water is the best way to combat light headedness.

Itchy skin

The onset of winters bring along skin problems. The most common among them is dry/itchy skin. This could not only be due to seasonal changes but is also reliant on your daily consumption of water. Our body needs eight to ten glasses of water each day to retain the moisture and glow on the skin. Dehydration causes itching, redness as well as dry skin.

Dry mouth and lips

During winters, most people consume less water due to cold weather. This causes the mouth and lips to dry out soon. Dry mouth also causes bad breath, which is often confused with poor oral hygiene. Chapped lips, dry mouth and bad breath are all signs of dehydration. Drinking water frequently not just hydrates your body but also curtails these conditions.

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