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Ways to get best flight tickets

Traveling by air can become a struggle for some if things don't go as per the plan. These travel hacks can help you get the best seats whether you are traveling for a vacation or a business trip:

Know your priorities

Knowing what you want offers comfort to your travel. For instance, if you prefer leg space, its best to go for aisle seats as there is a legroom for passengers. But if you want a noise-free zone, avoid the galley areas. This is where the staff prepares meals, toilets are located and the bulkhead seats are placed.

Enjoy perks of early check-in

They say: an early bird catches the worm. This stands true for passengers traveling by air. With millions of passengers boarding planes daily, the chances of getting a seat as per your expectation reduces if you check-in late. So, the earlier you check in, the higher your chances are of grabbing the seat of your choice.

Be polite

You don't have to be a smooth talker to get a better seat. Sometimes humility can do the magic. So be polite and humble at the check-in counter. Do enquire about a better seat at the time of check-in. People usually get their seats updated to business class at the time of check-in leaving some seats in premium economy.

Trick the system

If you are traveling as a couple, this trick can help you get an extra space. While booking in a three-seat row, opt for a window and an aisle seat and leave the middle seat empty. Surveys prove that middle seats are the least popular on a plane. This would give you an empty seat and more space to stretch your body.

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