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When art exhibits emotions

Six master and young artists are showcasing emotions on the canvas.

Tarannum Siddiqui stands in front of her artworks

Every artwork carries a story. Some artists express ideas through colours and forms, and others through techniques and unusual strokes. Unlike other galleries that stick to a unique theme and exhibit works around it, The Art Lounge in Gurugram has brought forth works of young and experienced artists on the same platform. The show, titled ‘The Palette of Emotions’, is taking place at the gallery’s premises at Nirvana Courtyard till July 28.

The exhibition features works of six artists: three masters and the rest are fresh faces. Each artwork reveal emotions of the artists.

Explains Aparna Banerjee, the owner of the gallery, “It is our way of showcasing the best of both worlds: the works of master as well as emerging artists. We not only wanted to bring in different styles together but also interpretation of artists on emotions.”

Tarannum Siddiqui’s works, for instance, has shown emotions as hope in the times of despair. The Lucknow-based artist, who specialises in using symbols, has yet again played with geometrical shapes. She has metaphorically depicted how mind searches for answers.

“Whenever we make an artwork, we usually start with a straight line. Scribbling starts as soon as we introspect. Likewise, in life, we try following a straight path but often meet with ego that swerves our focus from achieving our goals. This artwork depicts our journey towards our destiny, despite the turmoil that comes along,” she explains.

West Bengal-based artist Pulakesh Mandal’s artworks reveal his life on the canvas. This self-taught artist shares the story of his tough childhood in vivid tones in his artworks.

He says, “I was not loved as a child and spent my life alone and secluded. There was a constant emergence of thoughts and interactions during those times. I have tried to put all those emotions, struggles and conversations in my life in these artworks that I experienced while growing up.”

Another participating artist Haren Thakur’s works give a glimpse of his childhood and the learnings from his tribal culture in his artworks. This mixed media artist used earthy tones to channelise emotions in rocks, drawing similarity between the mundane life of people with that of rocks. Thakur has added feature several elements of nature, such as trees, rocks and Ganesha, each depicting his experiences while growing up in his home town.

The show also focuses on girl power. Guru Kinkar celebrates women in two ways: as the backbone of the household and simultaneously as synonymous with Durga and Kaali.

Banerjee explains this master artist’s work as an ode to women. “If you look closely, you can see the calmness, fierceness and playfulness of women in these paintings. The artist has depicted women as goddesses. He has also tried to diminish the gap between mythology and women,” she adds

Besides these artists, Pradip Maitra's figurative works and Yogesh Murkute's abstract art are also on display.

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