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'BO collection don't bother me'

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

The actor said that OTT platforms are a little different from the cinema's business model and liberating in many ways.

The emergence of streaming platforms has provided opportunities to storytellers to express and explore narratives like never before. Most filmmakers have done justice to their job and brought forth narratives that showcase reality. Actor Gulshan Devaiah, who was a part of one such series ‘Shiksha Mandal’ feels that actors and filmmakers are able to think out-of-the-box due to the coming of OTT platforms.

“I've always said that with OTT platforms, there is more work for everybody now. It is empowering to storytellers. It is a little different from the cinema business model and liberating in many ways,” he said.

Shiksha Mandal revolved around the Vyapam scam. It revealed how corruption, fraud, cheating and criminal conspiracy affected vulnerable students in India. Since Devaiah’s last role generated huge applauds, he no longer feels stressed of the box office collection.

“I don't have the pressure of the sword of the box-office (BO) collection hanging on my head, but I have other smaller daggers that are hanging. That being said, I feel people have so much outrage in them and they waste it on things like Bollywood. I think they should direct it to scams, as these matters have not been solved yet and make it relevant,” he added.

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