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KGF: Chapter 2 - Yash on ‘Rocky’ and more

After a long wait of four years, KGF: Chapter 2 will see a nationwide release on April 14. We spoke to Yash who was in New Delhi to promote the film. Excerpts…

1. How is reel-life ‘Rocky’ similar to real-life Yash?

I think Rocky believes in a vision. He’s struggled in his childhood. I think all of us face difficulties in life, irrespective of the profession that we pursue. I relate to these qualities and Rocky’s positive attitude, strong conviction and his belief in achieving his goals. But in some ways, Rocky is completely different from Yash. Rocky is arrogant. I am confident instead of being arrogant in real life.

2. Do you think with Pan-India films, the lines between Bollywood and South Indian cinema are blurring?

I don’t think that there is anything called Hindi cinema and South, North, east and west cinema. I feel its Indian cinema only. Most of the times when we say something in the regional language, people in the other parts of the country also notice the word/phrase. They mention those words. Since we are in a digital era, everything travels really soon.

It’s important for us to realise that there’s nothing called South Indian film industry and Bollywood. If people are watching and accepting films across India, it means that its one industry. It’s high time that we understand it is one industry and stop classifying it into categories.

3. Is there a film that you would love to do?

I like larger than life roles and entertainment movies. I would love to be a part of a paisa-vasool film.

4. How has life changed after KGF?

With KGF, I have started talking in Hindi. Since it’s a pan-India film, we are speaking and learning in different languages. Those things have changed but in my head, everything else is the same.

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