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Pushpa has given hope to film industry: Laxmi Raai

After stealing hearts in Tollywood, actress Laxmi Raai has made her debut in Bollywood with Mika Singh’s ‘Majnu 2’. We spoke to the actress to learn more about her. Excerpts…

How was it to work with Mika Singh?

We had such a great time shooting. Both Shaman and Mika are dear friends. It felt like we were a bunch of friends who had gone out for a picnic in Malta. In fact, it never felt that I was doing work because we got along well. One of the best things about Mika is that when he sings, his voice is enough to create the magic. But I always tell everyone that there's more to Mika than his singing. He is just not a great singer but a wonderful person as well.

What’s you take on Pushpa becoming the biggest hit since the pandemic?

I think Pushpa (Pushpa: The Rise) has given hope to the film industry that theatrical releases can succeed during the pandemic. As actors, we felt that the theatrical release market has ended. But Pushpa has given all the film industries and actors around the country the hope that a film released in theatres can succeed during the pandemic.

It was difficult for all film industries to decode the way to bring audience to the theatre because everyone prefers to sit at home due to the pandemic. South (Indian film industry) was one of the industries to take a trial and see if a film can succeed simply for its good content. Pushpa’s release proved that if content is the king, films can do well. It also gave hope to everyone that theatrical release is here to stay, against all odds.

How is the south Indian film industry different from Bollywood?

Both the industries’ style of working is quite distinct. South Indian film industry’s style of working is much simpler than Bollywood. Bollywood is a much bigger industry as compared to the south Indian industry. The working pattern of both the industries is different. My roots are from south that’s why I work there. In Bollywood, I have just started my journey.

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