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Keeping films short and simple

For someone who has remained an advertiser all his life, venturing into the film industry can be a new adventure. But not for producer Sandiip Kapur, who has already proved his mettle with the national film award winner Bhonsle. Now, he is back on the silver screen but this time with two short films, namely, ‘Pattern’ and ‘The Turban’. In a tete-a-tete, the producer spilled the beans on both the films. Excerpts…

Sandiip Kapur has produced several films in the past, such as Anaarkali of Aarah, Jugaad and Bhonsle.

1. Why did you made ‘The Turban’ into a short film instead of a feature film?

Honestly, I wanted to make a feature film on ‘The Turban’ but I realised that the censor board will not pass it as the film is based on the 2020 East Delhi riots. But then I realised that the idea showcased in this film is not an Indian problem. I have seen racism across the world. That’s why I thought of making it as a short film. Since the subject is global, I plan to showcase it at film festivals across the world.

2. Films are called as a reflection of the society. Do you always look at things with an agenda to bring out a distinctive story?

I have been running an advertising agency for the last 20 years. As an advertiser, when we launch a brand, we do a research. I follow the same process before making films. I observe people and my surroundings which helps me understand the complexities in the society. For ‘Pattern’, I did a case study. I came across several people in their late 20s and early 30s whose behaviour is directly proportional to the atmosphere they witness in their homes. That’s how my ideas develop into films.

3. What makes a short film short enough to be categorised into the short film category?

Just like advertising, the rule of short and simple applies to short films. The problem with shooting is its timeline. If you make a 30-minute film, it cannot be categorised as a short film. It is important to keep the message powerful while shooting a short film so that the film can be completed within a few minutes.

4. How did your experience of working in the advertising industry helped you to make this film?

Advertising changes the science of seeing things and perception. As a producer, I always have an input because of that perspective. Though advertising and filmmaking goes parallel, both fields are creative. My 20-year experience in advertising has helped me realise that anything can be made into a film if you have the knowledge of projecting it differently.

5. How long did it take you to shoot both the films?

We shot Pattern in first week December 2021 in four days. The Turban was shot in three days in the last week of December 2021.

6. When are you planning to release these films and will they get theatrical release?

The films will first be released at film festivals before making an OTT debut. We have realised that there is a big audience for these kind of films. We will make two more short films and will release all four films together to OTT platforms in 2023.

7. What next is in the pipeline?

I am making a musical feature film with T-Series but can't reveal details about it.

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