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'My stubbornness kept me going'

Actor Siddharth Malhotra, who recently completed a decade in the film industry, shared his journey so far and tips to those coming in the industry from non-film background.

Picture courtesy: Instagram

A decade in the Hindi film industry is long. What has kept you going?

Acting is a demanding and challenging profession. I have always been stubborn since I was a child. When I was young, my mother scolded me for being too stubborn. But now, I use this quality and it has kept me going.

Share the memories you cherish the most.

For any newcomer, who is coming from a different city to Mumbai, the first thing to cherish is when people notice me as an actor. There have been several occasions when people have recognised me in public places. I still remember that after completing two years in the industry, I went on a vacation with my family to Sri Lanka. People on the airport spotted me and asked for autographs. That was the moment when my family realised that I have done good work in the industry and gained immense love and that’s one memory that I cherish the most.

What’s your biggest weakness?

I think anger. But I also feel that it’s also my strength. Anger has motivated me to achieve my dreams. There have been times when I was without work and that bothered me. But it was my anger that pushed me to achieve my dreams.

You started your journey as an assistant director before getting your big break as an actor. Do you think upcoming actors from non-film background too should follow your footsteps?

There’s no set rule or roadmap for an outsider who wants to be an actor. When I came to Mumbai 15 years ago, I had given several auditions. But unfortunately, nothing fruitful came out of them. I felt that I was not learning/growing at that time. That’s when I thought to be a part of a production unit. Becoming an assistant director helped me learn a lot from actors on the set. I feel that my desperation paid. Every person should be determined and open to learn. An actor’s life is not for a few years but several decades. Learning more things can help expand your avenues.

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