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Preeti Jhangiani on 'Kafas'

"It was difficult to come out of filmy mode."

It has been quite a year for actress Preeti Jhangiani. From making an entry into the world of sports as the owner of a Panja team to making her on-screen comeback in SonyLiv show 'Kafas', the actress proved that she can wear many hats.

In fact, it was her role that made critics applaud her performance. But for the actress, getting into Tanya's shoes (her reel character) wasn't easy. She shared that she faced a lot of troubles while shooting.

"It was difficult to come out of filmy mode and put myself in Tanya's shoes. I had to restrain myself a lot during the scenes and my director, Sahil Sangha, really helped me to get the tone of the scenes right," she said.

When asked what made her think about her role, she explained that she was 'pleasantly surprised' to get it.

"Tanya Bajaj is a very real character. She is a star wife and maintains a facade for the outside world no matter what turmoils she faces within. She is a mother and wants to protect her own son at any cost. I was pleasantly surprised when I was offered the role, as people don’t usually cast me in such a character," she added.

Kafas is a story of a Mumbai-based middle-class family whose school-going kid is on the verge of becoming a star. The show also stars Sharman Joshi and Mona Singh, among others.

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