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Celebs on Father's Day

Indian celebrities share what their fathers means to them and the advice the latter shared with them...

Of many things in life, there is one role that transforms a boy to a man: the role of a father. A father is someone who is a nurturer, healer, teacher, mentor and friend. For any daughter, her father is her first love. To celebrate Father's Day, we spoke to some of the celebs who spilled the beans on their fathers and how their advice transformed them into great individuals.

Ssudeep Sahir

My father, Sandeep Sahir, is my closest friend, mentor and guide. I remember my dad telling me that he always wanted to be an Air Force pilot. My father has been one of my biggest support systems. I remember before I decided to come to Mumbai, he was the one who told me to follow your heart. I’m extremely fortunate to have him and can’t thank him enough for all the love that I've received from him.

Anupama Solanki

I share a good equation with my father, Tekpal Solanki. He has always told me to learn as much as possible as a life without knowledge is meaningless. He tells me to never think about shortcuts to achieve success as it's the devil's path, so I should take the right route towards my goal, trust myself and the God, give my 100% and the rest is my destiny.

Deepika Motwani

My father is our version of Santa Claus since he brings us many gifts and travels because he's been busy with business and because he travelled a lot when I was growing up. The two pieces of advice dad always offered me were that there is no one greater than God, and to continue acting ethically, even when no one is looking, because your character is what will last and all other things will pass away.

Sheeba Akashdeep

My father, Ajay Agarwal, was my best friend while growing up. He was a super strict father but has been my backbone, like the rock of Gibraltar. He has always told me to be honest and compassionate. I will always be the wind beneath your wings. If there’s anything I would do in this world I would confine it to my father and he will make it right. He’s very loving and extremely supportive of all his children.

Esha Gaur

My father is an endodontist. He always stands by my side and trusts me blindly. I make sure I live up to that trust and whatever he has taught me till now I stick to it and try to make him proud always. The pieces of advice he has given me is to use money wisely, don't trust anyone blindly, follow my heart, that I should choose my career wisely, respect opportunities, and never ever lie, cheat or borrow money.

Shaan Mishra

I have always shared a great equation with my father. During my school and college days, I used to be very afraid of him. He always used to talk about studies. He wanted me to become an IAS/IPS officer. All these things about studies have always been there in my house. He has given me a lot of advice from his experiences because he has seen a lot of ups and down in his life.

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