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Inside IIFA'23 invitation box

Bollywood actors Rakul Preet Singh and Rajkummar Rao unveiled the IIFA 2023 invitation boxes. Izzhaar has carefully designed them keeping the event's venue in mind.

The most-awaited award ceremony featuring Bollywood's who’s who, IIFA 2023, is set to take place in Abu Dhabi. Just before the show, the host share invites to actors. These are not just any invites but each of the invitation boxes carry significance. This year's invitation boxes are designed by Izzhaar. Actors Rakul Preet Singh and Rajkummar Rao unveiled the boxes and gave a glimpse of their first look.

These boxes feature a magnificent metal chessboard that contains Abu Dhabi's famous sights and the symbolic towers in the form of chess pieces. They are carefully designed to keep the event’s destination, i.e., Abu Dhabi in mind.

Every aspect of the box reveals a story. For instance, the important structures of Etihad Arena, Adnoc HQ, and Nation Tower stand tall on the squares of Rook, Knight, and Bishop. The Shaikh and Shaykhah in these boxes depict the King and the Queen and the IIFA's trophies take the position of pawns on the board.

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