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Scrub off skin troubles with sugar

Adding sugar to your meal is considered unhealthy. But this sweet ingredient does wonders to your skin when used as a scrub.

In the era of au naturel, sugar is the best natural ingredient that helps in skin exfoliation. Sugar scrubs off dirt from your pores and helps rejuvenate the skin. This is why, it can be used to create scrubs at home without creating a hole in your pocket.

In summers, our skin suffers a lot due to change in weather. Skin problems, acne as well as pigmentation, are at peak. In a bid to save our skin from damage, we run to salons. But do you know that the solution lies in your home? There are DIY scrubs that you can make on your own at home using sugar. Some easy ones to try are:

Coffee and sugar scrub

Coffee with sugar tastes great and even better when used as a scrub. Coffee helps tighten skin and sugar gently removes dead skin cells and ingrown hair. This scrub also helps lighten the skin tone and get rid of pigmentation.

Lemon, honey and brown sugar scrub

Not many people know that brown sugar has a natural anti-aging effect on the skin. It does not allow toxins to attack your skin cells, thereby helps in slowing down the ageing process. Combine brown sugar, lemon and honey and massage the mix to your face and neck.

Cucumber and sugar scrub

Sunburns are quite common during summers. To ease the damage on the skin, blend cucumbers, coconut oil and sugar and apply on your affected area of your body. The antioxidants present in cucumbers help reduce discolouration, thereby rejuvenating the skin, leaving it soft and supple.

Kiwi and sugar scrub

Skin loses glow during summers due to harmful ultraviolet rays and scorching heat. Kiwi and sugar scrub is a great way to lock moisture in the skin and maintain its glow. Blend kiwi into a paste by removing its skin and add sugar and a few drops of olive oil to the mix. Massage it to your face and neck in circular motion for 2-3 minutes. This scrub will give you a more youthful skin.

Olive oil and sugar scrub

Sugar also helps in getting rid of dark patches that usually develop on elbows and knees. This problem worsens with time. To overcome embarrassment, apply a paste of olive oil and sugar to your elbows and knees. Massage the area for 2-3 minutes for best results.

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